My name is Jessie Sparkles; welcome to my online home. My passions are wide ranging and as a result I am skilled in several trades. I find that I most enjoy spending my time as an educator, professional Dom, and an artist. While I have been kinky for as long as I remember, I have been exploring the world of professional BDSM for the last seven years.

I am experienced in most avenues of the industry but I am always looking for ways to grow both as an artist and professional kinkster. When I am not creating in my shop or enjoying the company of those seeking to expand their horizons, you can find me wandering in the mountains, looking for my next adventure. I am an experienced climber and love spending time outside. If you manage to catch me on one of my rare rest days, I will most likely have my nose buried in a book. I am constantly in the pursuit of new experiences, whether they are my own in through the writing of others. In all of my professional outlets my goal is to push your boundaries and explore the many outlets people have for their sexuality. As an artist, I am constantly pursuing new mediums to express myself through. Currently I am a builder, filmmaker, photographer, and a performance artist. I want people to view my art, and ask why I enjoy doing what I do, and to contemplate their own sexuality as a result. 

When working with both men and women in a more intimate setting my goal is to create a space in which you feel comfortable exploring your limits and pursuing personal growth. I want to leave you with the skills and experience to confidently incorporate kink into your life, both with me and in your personal relationships. If you are interested in working with me one-on-one, please read my Book Me page at your leisure.